about [bump]

[bump] babies Inc started the day I found out I was pregnant. It's a feeling that every first-time mum can relate to. There was a transition time in the first trimester when no one could tell if I was pregnant or if I lost my gym membership and was binging on ice cream & chocolate! I wanted to scream "I'm not fat...[bump] on board!" to everyone that stared at my changing body. Little did I know it takes at least 4 to 5 months until the [bump] finally pops and people could actually tell I had a "[bump] in the oven".

I could not find any hip maternity clothes that catered for that awkward, yet exciting time so I decided to proudly show the whole world my [bump] by wearing it on my expanding belly. That way there was definitely no confusion. I am excited to share my [bump] designs which are fun, sexy, stylish, comfortable and simply [bump]alicious with other proud expecting mamas & papas.

Enjoy your [bump]!



bump babies street

Renae Plant
mother of Ilan, Mateo & Deklan

  To make sure you are buying the original and a genuine [bump] product, all of our designs incorporate our trademark [bump] logo in all our sayings/designs and/or our private label.